Director’s message

United Family Services, Inc. (UFS) is a non-profit agency that is devoted to developing programs that prevent the separation of families whenever possible and if separation is necessary, re-unite families as soon as possible. Our goal is to continue to develop programs that will help reduce the number of juvenile commitments to the State Youth Services Center and juveniles placed in foster care in the state of Arkansas, and a national level as well. We realize that this goal is achievable through community-based education, treatment, and aftercare services. By overcoming and recognizing true obstacles that prevent services from being effective in reducing the number of youths placed out of their homes. United Family Services, Inc. has a long record of accomplishment of achieving these goals. We address difficult problems with realistic solutions. This must begin with management. Management is the process by which the execution of a given purpose is implemented and supervised. Through skilled management, we can secure maximum prosperity and happiness for both the employer and employee, and give the families the best possible services. We have the opportunity to change the concept that institutionalization is the best practice. We have and will continue developing programs that are effective alternatives to out-of- home placements and are cost-effective. Recruiting the most qualified staff through internships and leadership training who believe in dedication and whose vision is liken to our agency’s mission and goal. United Family Services, Inc. will develop comprehensive community-based treatment services that will serve as alternatives to incarceration and
Out- of-home placements; this will keep families together when possible and if separation occurs, address the family’s needs holistically. Over the past 26 years, our agency has provided services that have influenced the state dependency on institutionalization and out of home placements. We have developed community based treatment programs that allow young people to remain in their home keeping families intact. This ensures that bed space is available for those who are in dire need of secure confinement (violent offenders that requires removal from the community). We intend to continue our mission over the next five years, and advocate for legislation to re-invest funding saved from reduction in youth commitments to institutions back into community based treatment services for families.