UFS Programs

Adolescent Improvement Program (AIP)
This program is a ten-week course that provides prevention and intervention services for delinquent and FINS at risk of school dropout, drug use, criminal activity, truancy, and runaways, etc. It provides prevention to juveniles that are in the juvenile justice system for their first or second offense. The program goals are to motivate and assist the youth in remaining crime free, drug free, in school, and techniques to enhance positive relationships.

Adolescent Outpatient Mental Health
This program improve individual adjustment and family functioning as well as to promote mental health so that the individual served can be successful in his/her home, school/workplace, and community. The services offered address mental health symptoms and associated functional impairments; help manage reoccurring health and substance use conditions that interact with and affect the mental health presentation; and provide support for psychological adjustments related to life cycle issues  including: birth and death; aging; marriage; divorce; parenting; intergenerational conflicts; and adult, child, and family relations. The services provided include psychosocial assessments, treatment planning, and therapy (individual, family, and group). Consultation with the referral source provided by a licensed mental health professional.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling
Jefferson/Lincoln, Pulaski/Perry
This program is used to identify and provide proper intervention services to juveniles who are involved or have committed any drug related offense. This program is used for adjudicated delinquents and FINS when ordered by the judge, as well as for aftercare clients when indicated in the individual case plan. It will also be used for aftercare clients if they show indicators of drug usage or have a history of drug use. Drug counseling could either be provided by an individual or group basis. This service also includes tests for alcohol and drug usage. Services will not exceed six month, except where the juvenile has tested positive for illegal drugs. Drug screening may be extended for six months from the date of the positive test.

Jefferson/Lincoln, Pulaski/Perry
This program provides supervision to youth committed to the State’s Youth Service Center or Serious Offenders Program. The program provides evaluations that include recommendations for release plans, preparing individual case plans, advocacy on behalf of the youth, supervisions, and transportation. The components of this program are intensive casework management, emergency shelter, intensive supervision tracking, restorative justice, electronic monitoring.

Anger Management
Jefferson/Lincoln, Pulaski/Perry
The Anger Management class is a ten week class designed to provide tools and skills to assist attendees in managing their anger. We recognize anger management to be a procedure for learning the skills to recognize signs when becoming angry and taking action to deal with the situation in a positive way. Our goals are not only to provide tools to manage anger but also be able to recognize their triggers. Ten youth may be referred per class.

Boys Circle
This is a ten week class that focuses on Adolescent Healthy Masculinity. Boy’s council aims to assist males with choices, decision making, self-esteem, image, and how to handle peer pressure. Twelve youth may be referred per class.

Jefferson/Lincoln, Pulaski/Perry
This service provides direct intervention to identify and address problems, needs, or adjustments of juveniles or their families. It includes but is not limited to treatment methods that include direct intervention to identify problems, needs, or adjustments of an individual and/or family. Activities include but are not limited to, addressing identified problems, discussing alternatives, planning for solutions, telephone contacts with or on behalf of a client, group work, supervisory conferences, compliance monitoring, follow-up as needed, acting as an advocate on the clients behalf, and transportation.

Electronic Monitoring
Jefferson/Lincoln, Pulaski/Perry
This program provides intense supervision of juveniles using telemetry technology to monitor adjudicated delinquents presence in a particular location where they are required to remain. This program is used for juveniles who are at risk of re-offending or for whom home detention is required. It allows the juveniles to remain in their home and community, yet remain crime free.

FINS Intervention
Jefferson/Lincoln, Pulaski/Perry
This program seeks to prevent juveniles from having further contact with the juvenile justice system by remaining crime free, drug free and in school.

Girls Circle
Jefferson/Lincoln, Pulaski/Perry
This group is a ten week program that focuses on image, self-esteem, healthy relationships vs abusive relationships, goals, career readiness, drug and alcohol education, impact of social media, popularity, peer pressure, choices, decision making, womanhood, and maturity. Ten youth may be referred per class.

Gun Violence Prevention / Intervention Program
Jefferson, Pulaski
This group focuses on gun violence reduction, black on black crimes, education, prevention, supervision, and family counseling. Violent Crime Task Force Model will be used during an eight week session. Twelve youth may be referred per class.

Habilitation Empowerment Accountability (HEAT)
Jefferson, Pulaski
This program is a class designed for high risk African American males between the ages of 13-17. This program uses a holistic approach for treatment. It applies a strength based model, and a positive approach to treatment. It serves as a promising avenue for young men at-risk.

Independent Living Program
Pulaski/Perry This program will provide housing for juveniles referred by DYS who have no other safe living options. The desired outcomes for the Independent Living Program is to provide an effective bridge between commitment and becoming an independent, responsible citizen following release from the committed care. The program will support the youth for a maximum of six months.

This program provides an opportunity for college intern student to perform their field placement.  The interns are trained by agency staff to perform professional duties within the agency.  United Family Services employs over 40% of students who perform internships within the agency.
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Interstate Compact
Arkansas, Jefferson, Lincoln, Pulaski, Perry
The program provides supervision to juveniles on parole from other states.  The referrals are received from the Division of Children and Family Services Interstate Compact Unit.  The components of this program are home studies, supervision, follow-up reports, discharge reports.

Life Skills Program
Jefferson, Pulaski
This group is a ten week program that focuses on HIV/AIDS education, anger management, substance abuse usage, cultural diversity, juvenile system, teen pregnancy prevention, family planning, and gender specific components. Twelve youth may be referred per class.
Parenting Education
Jefferson/Lincoln, Pulaski/Perry
This program is a six week program. The goals of the program are to help parents develop an understanding of their role as parents as it relates to supervision of their children. The program teaches parents ways to help and support their children through each life cycle, as well as giving parent’s tools to help their child remain crime and drug free. It assist parents in learning strategies for dealing with problems within the family in a consistent and effective manner. The class consists of open discussions and structured activities to help parents learn ways of setting limits for their children.